16th Annual CHERNE Workshop

The 16th Annual Workshop of the CHERNE network was held at Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences from May 30 to June 2, 2023. The network was founded in 2005 to organize co-operations in higher education for students in radiological and nuclear engineering.

This meeting was the first after the pandemic. 25 participants representing seven universities of six European countries discussed the experiences made in the educational projects of the past years. Caused by the pandemic the focus was on remote and blended learning in the discipline. Other aspects were use of virtual engineering tools and gamification approaches. In a dissemination event for BRAVER, the most recent project funded by ERASMUS, the results of students’ work will be demonstrated to teachers of high schools and higher education institutions. It will be organized from October 25 to 26, 2023, at the university of Hasselt (B).

In addition, many examples of scientific work and co-operations were presented. Future common research projects were envisaged.

During the members council we discussed future co-operation projects which focus again on the practical education e.g. organization of lab courses and visits in institutions with “large devices”. Another important item were membership issues. We are confident  that the CHERNE network will play a substantial role in the education of our students already in the near future.

The workshop was accompanied by several social events which allowed to deepen the personal relationships. We are grateful to our industrial partners STUDSVIK, AFRY and Kraftanlagen Heidelberg for their support.